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Lisa  Upham

Lisa Upham

Group Head of Knowledge Management

Lisa Upham

Group Head of Knowledge Management Guernsey

"I love what I do. It is extremely varied. My clients refer to me as having a "fastidious nature", I take this a huge compliment and always strive for excellence in whatever I aim to achieve and seek the same from the people who help me achieve it."

Lisa is Group Head of Knowledge Management and has been responsible for the central dissemination of knowledge throughout the firm since 2009.

Her role includes the preparation of modern, plain English working precedents, work product and procedures for all departments.

Lisa has been instrumental in establishing a knowledge management system for the firm and federated search engine to house all internal and external resources. She also looks after libraries and information services. This provides the core information, documents and know how to all of our teams across all five of our jurisdictions. She is responsible for internal legal practice updates and also provides regular training on technical matters.

Lisa has worked on a variety internal projects, the aim of which is to produce greater efficiencies for the firm and clients alike. She has a corporate and fiduciary legal background having trained and worked at another offshore law firm and as a senior associate in the commercial team at Collas Crill before taking on this current role.

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