The BVI is a leading offshore finance centre. With high standards of transparency and excellence in regulatory affairs, the jurisdiction has a reputation for exceeding international best practice standards.

We serve a diverse clientele that encompasses individuals, entrepreneurs, companies, private businesses, government bodies, local and major international banks and financial institutions.


With its sound statutory and regulatory regime, economic stability and tax neutral platform, Cayman remains a stable economic and political jurisdiction and leading specialist financial centre.

On the same time zone as New York with close proximity to America, as well as strong links to Singapore and BVI, Cayman continues to maintain its status as a stepping stone for US and Asian business.


Guernsey has been recognised as a leading International Finance Centre for over 50 years, centred around expertise in investment funds, banking, wealth management and insurance.

A Standard & Poor's high grade AA rated jurisdiction, it has strong links to the UK and wider Europe and benefits from world class regulatory standards, political and economic stability and reliability.


Jersey's political and economic stability, combined with a sophisticated and comprehensive regulatory framework, has allowed the island a reputation as one of the world's leading International Finance Centres for more than 50 years.


London has the advantage of being mid-way time zone wise between Cayman and Singapore, and just a short flight from our Channel Islands offices.

Our London office is located in the heart of the City, close to many of our intermediary contacts including law firms, banks, accountants and tax advisors, investment managers, fund and corporate service providers.


Singapore is widely recognised as one of the world's most significant jurisdictions for wealth management and financial services.

As such, the Channel Islands and Cayman Islands provide a perfect complement to clients looking for innovative, transparent and well-regulated structures and solutions.