Registration of Trade Marks in the Cayman Islands

29 November 2018

Following the coming into force of The Trade Marks Law, 2016 (the Law) on 1 August 2017, a system for the protection of trade marks is available in the Cayman Islands by way of direct registration. This direct system of protection replaced the previous system of extending protection which related exclusively to those marks registered in the United Kingdom and included a community mark registered in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 40/94 made by the Council of the European Union on 20 December 1993 and a mark registered in the United Kingdom in accordance with the provisions of the Madrid Protocol implemented there (International Trade Mark).

A trade mark may consist of words, symbols, letters, numbers, logos, colours or any combination of these and can be used to distinguish the goods and services of a specific enterprise.

All applications must be made through a licensed agent such as Collas Crill using the prescribed form and submitted with the relevant fees.  The information required on the application must include:

  1. The full name, owner type, address and email address of proposed owner
  2. Details of licensed agent
  3. Trade mark type
  4. A representation of the trade mark
  5. Trade mark classification
  6. Translation for non-English words and non-Roman characters.

Government Application fees:

  • CI$200 (US$243.90) for one class of goods or service
  • CI$75 (US$91.46) for each additional class of goods and service
  • CI$50 (US$60.98) for publication in the Gazette.

Government Annual fees:

  • CI$200 (US$243.90) for one class of goods or service
  • CI$100 (US$121.95) for each additional class of goods or service.

Other commonly requested Government fees:

  • Late payment of annual fee (for each year of default) CI$100 (US$122) per trade mark;
  • Registry search fee CI$50 (US$60)
  • Application to renew or restore a trade mark CI$200 (US$243.90); CI$300 (US$365.90) for late renewal; CI$350 (US$426.80) for restoration; plus CI$50 (US$61) for publication in Gazette
  • Application to change owner's name and/or address CI$150 (US$182.93); plus CI$50 (US$60.98) for publication in Gazette.

Our fees for:

  • Conducting search and providing availability opinion – US$500 per mark
  • Application for registration, renewal or restoration of a trade mark – US$550 per mark
  • Services provided in connection with responding to an objection letter are charged on a time- spent basis
  • Acting as licensed agent and submitting annual fees – US$250 per mark annually (a 10% discount is given to clients with more than 10 marks and 20% with more than 25 marks)
  • Transfer of existing trade marks (from other registered agent) – US$200 per mark (no fee is charged to clients who transfer more than 10 marks)
  • Application to change owner's name and/or address – US$250 per mark
  • Fees for services not specifically mentioned available upon request
  • Miscellaneous disbursements are accounted for and billed separately on our invoice.

Existing Trade Marks Protected by Way of Extension.

Existing registered trade marks are considered registered until their renewal date and must be renewed in accordance with the Law.