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Saisie - Enforcement in Guernsey

Saisie is the customary procedure in Guernsey whereby a creditor can enforce against the real property of his debtor...

Guernsey Property Unit Trusts

A Guernsey Property Unit Trust (GPUT) is a type of Guernsey trust which is usually used as a vehicle to hold UK...

More lessons on privilege

The English courts have had another busy few months considering the protective scope of legal professional privilege.

Enforcing Foreign Judgments and Arbitral Awards in Guernsey

Guernsey is one of the Channel Islands, situated between France and England. Whilst a British Crown Dependency (like...

Freezing Injunctions in Guernsey, Channel Islands

Freezing injunctions are often used in Guernsey to preserve the assets of a defendant whilst proceedings are, or are...

Registration of Trade Marks in the Cayman Islands

Following the coming into force of The Trade Marks Law, 2016 (the Law) on 1 August 2017, a system for the protection...

Brexit and Guernsey – What you need to know

As the UK limps towards another deferred Brexit date, businesses in Guernsey must still consider how they may be...

Selling Inherited Property

Under Jersey law, as soon as a person dies, their freehold property automatically vests in the heirs at law (the...

Jersey's Economic Substance Law

On the 6th of December, The States of Jersey passed the Draft Taxation (Companies – Economic Substance) (Jersey) Law...

Jersey property unit trusts

A Jersey Property Unit Trust (JPUT) is a type of Jersey trust which is usually used as a vehicle to hold UK commercial...

Freezing Orders in Jersey, Channel Islands

The inherent jurisdiction of the Royal Court of Jersey (the Court) underpins its ability to grant an injunction. This...

Jersey: the perfect choice for funds

Brexit has generated a great deal of uncertainty for UK businesses, not least in the funds industry, and in particular...