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Handy Hints to Halt Hapless Halloween Horror Happenings

This Halloween let us take you on a journey. Sit back and close your eyes (please don’t, read on)...

You’ve finally done it. You've found your dream home. No more viewings, no more Right Move (other property websites are available) and no more small talk with estate agents. 

The contract's exchanged; completion and champagne has come and gone. You park up, walk through the cemetery – wait a minute, was that there last month? - and bimble through the creaky gate, over the mossy lawn, past the gargoyle sculpture and there it is. You set eyes upon your new pad. What a beauty. Haven't you done well? Something catches your eye. What’s that at the window?  A woman in black?  Can’t be. And then, she’s gone. 

With a shrug, your key turns the lock and the front door swings open. Creak, creak, creak go the floorboards; is something already inside? And phewff, did it smell this bad when you viewed it? What strange odour pervades your personal space? 

Time passes. The story progresses. As the sun sets and the full moon rises, you take a look up stairs (creak creak). Lights flicker in the room at the end of the hallway, strange music fills the air, louder, louder, pulling you inexorably to the door ajar... the smell, the sounds, the voices...  suddenly you think to yourself why on earth choose to come here, all alone, as darkness falls on Halloween?! 😱

All good property law (I mean horror) stories have suspense, and this one is no different. How did our brave heroine fare, I hear you ask? 

I have bad news for you readers: not well, not well at all. Heeding each of the warning signs would have prevented the terrifying haunting she went on to suffer (haunting, victim of poor quality conveyancing advice; same same). 

Reflecting on her horrors may be painful but will stand you in good stead the next time you buy a property on Halloween.

  1. Make sure your purchase contract warrants vacant possession. Ladies in black, men in white, squatters, sitting tenants. They all get in the way of your peaceful enjoyment.
  2. Creaky floorboards. You didn’t check for subsidence or ground contamination?  Always ensure you have a clear environmental report and survey.
  3. Flickering lights and odorous walls? The seller must prove to you that they’ve completed their annual electrical test and gas safety checks and a qualified professional has signed off. Don’t compromise.
  4. Creepy unidentified music permeating from another world? The neighbours are causing a nuisance. Has the seller told you they know of no disputes? Research the area: drive by at different times, meet the locals, be prepared.
  5. A pop-up graveyard?  Please ensure you review a planning search. This will indicate current and future nearby projects which may impact on your future wellbeing. 

Wishing you a happy Halloween from the Collas Crill Real Estate team!

#wearefrighteninglyforensic #wearebloodcurdlinglybrilliant #wearepetrifyinglyonpoint

(Unfortunately we can't guarantee all advice will be accompanied by Pulitzer-worthy fictional yarns.)



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