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Mourinho case highlights the importance of Guernsey Image Rights

The world’s most talked about football manager, José Mourinho and the battle over his image rights has brought the benefits of the Guernsey Image Rights Register to the attention of the global media.

Cited as ‘the place’ to register image rights, the Guernsey Image Rights Register is the only one in the world and gives the ability to register, license, clarify and protect image rights. 

José Mourinho has left Chelsea Football club for rivals Manchester United, but Chelsea retained a trademark for his name for a range of products. 

Collas Crill Group Managing Partner, Jason Romer comments: “This case perfectly highlights the importance of registering image rights in Guernsey and the unique benefits of doing so.  If Mr Mourinho had complete control over his image rights, he would have been protected against this costly situation.   

“Mr Mourinho or Manchester United will now need to buy back or license the trademark from Chelsea. One of the benefits of registering in Guernsey is to obtain absolute clarity over ownership of these rights.  The Guernsey Image Rights Register has been in place since 2014, and is now gaining some real traction with high profile individuals registering. As a jurisdiction, Guernsey has a fantastic reputation for looking after assets and image rights are simply another extremely valuable asset.  We are unique in our ability to register such rights.”

The Guernsey Image Rights Register is the only way to formally register image rights in the world.  It’s not just names that can be registered, a voice, signature, likeness, appearance, facial expressions, gestures, mannerisms, photographs, image, pictures and almost anything distinctive of that personality.

Just last week, Collas Crill IP Director David Evans hosted briefings for the Publicity Rights Committee at the International Trademark Association (INTA) in Florida discussing the Guernsey Image Rights Register.



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