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Why do I need a Guernsey Image Right?

A snapshot guide to Guernsey Image Rights


  • All rights renewable, therefore able to exist in perpetuity
  • All rights able to be assigned and licensed independently of one another
  • Anything which is associated with the personality is able to be registered. As well as static images, these may include voice files, gestures, mannerisms, other images, video clips etc.
  • Can be owned by the personality themselves, an image rights company or any third party owner anywhere in the world
Image Rights offer potential tax and estate planning opportunities, can exist in perpetuity and anything which is associated with the personality is able to be registered.


  • Clarity of Right - clear as to subject of contract and/or licence
  • Ability to structure a unique portfolio of rights
  • Potential tax planning opportunities
  • Ability to pass these rights as part of estate planning
  • Potential enforcement of rights
  • Can form part of a wider on-going IP portfolio
  • No requirement for either fame or goodwill in order to own or transfer the rights


  • Typical cost of £2,500 for individual to register personality right together with 3 image rights
  • Extra image rights able to be added at any time during the registration - £250 per image right
  • All costs include both registry and professional fees
If image is everything, make sure protecting it means something.