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In our opinion

In our opinion

With our U.K. Real estate experience we are also mindful that the UK Land Registry require evidence that the overseas company or its Liquidator can transfer the Property "in specie".

This evidence is supplied in the form of a legal opinion in the relevant jurisdiction confirming to the UK Land Registry that the transfer deed is effective.

With our offices in the Cayman Islands, Guernsey and Jersey and of course our colleagues in BVI combined with our UK Real Estate experience we are well placed to assist in the practicalities of transferring UK residential property.

Where in the world?

It is important to remember that we are relying on the Land Registry data set. This information only relates to registered land and also does not distinguish between residential and commercial property. Commercial property is not affected by these changes.

BVI and Cayman

With 22,814 BVI companies holding UK residential property, this jurisdiction has been the efficient and cost effective home for investing in residential property. The BVI has been popular as a structuring destination for investors - particularly those from the Far East.

Cayman is not unheard of as a jurisdiction for holding UK residential property, but a comparatively minuscule 1,327 corporate structures hold registered land in the U.K.

The Channel Islands

With 20,777 companies in Jersey and 11,759 in Guernsey, the Channel Islands are well known as the home of U.K. Real estate structuring. 

The proximity of the islands to the UK has been a key driver for residential property structuring. However it is the strength of expertise within the Islands that gives them enduring appeal for those wishing to own develop and manage commercial property in the UK.