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Draft Development Frameworks under the Island Development Plan

Guernsey's Island Development Plan was introduced in November 2016 by the States of Guernsey Development & Planning Authority. The plan provides a legislative basis upon which planning decisions in Guernsey are made, alongside a number of 'tools' to ensure the successful utilisation of its policies.

One such 'tool' available for the use is the Draft Development Framework, which provides high-level guidance for the development of specific sites. The framework considers the location and features of a site and provides guidance to assist with the application of the plan's policies on the ground and in the resulting development. The aim of the framework is to provide a site's prospective developer with guidance of how the requirements of the plan may be discharged when they are making the full planning application.

Developers of sites that are the subject of a framework are recommended to carefully consider the content of the Framework in advance of preparing the formal application for planning permission.

For further information on draft development frameworks please review our latest factsheet.




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