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Appraisal Litigation

Collas Crill’s Cayman Islands' appraisal practice is headed by Partner Rocco Cecere, who is recognised as a leading practitioner in the field. Rocco’s team has significant experience in appraisal litigation.

Rocco is a member of the Grand Court’s users committee which drafted the procedural rules governing appraisals matters. The Cayman Islands' merger regime is a relatively new and evolving law. Our cross-border team acts on dissenter and company side, from pre-merger stage all the way through to trail and any appeals.

Our recent cases include:

  • Qunar Cayman Islands Limited
  • KongZhong Corporation
  • Zhaopin Limited
  • Nord Anglia Education, Inc.
  • iKang Healthcare Group, Inc.
  • eHi Car Services Limited
  • Fountain Medical Development Ltd

For more information please contact Rocco on +1 345 914 9630 or

  • They have strong connections with China and the US. Collas Crill coordinate the international aspects well, and there is a seamless link.
    Third party, Chambers Global 2022
  • Rocco has been exceptional at coordinating processes across different firms sand experts in many different jurisdictions. He is by far the most effective partner in Cayman for 238 appraisal actions, and we would work with no one else.
    Client, Chambers Global 2022
  • Rocco has proven exceptionally effective in complex matters requiring nimble and persuasive reasoning. He has been exceptional at coordinating processes across different firms sand experts in many different jurisdictions.
    Client, Chambers Global 2022
  • Cecere is very much one of the leading litigators on shareholder litigation on the dissenter side.
    Third party, Chambers Global 2022
  • Collas Crill have good international connections and the ability to coordinate workstreams across multiple jurisdictions
    Client, Chambers Global 2022
  • Rocco and the team he has built are by far the most effective in this space.
    Client, Chambers Global 2022
  • They have a deep bench with solid experience of all matters pertaining to commercial litigation. Collas Crill are a pleasure to work with.
    Client, Chambers Global 2022
Appraisal Litigation services
Pre-merger advice


Appraisal and value proceedings


Interim (or up-front) payments

Management of interim payments from the company at the outset of the proceedings. Interim payments are typically paid by the company pursuant to a private agreement with the dissenter. Interim payments are generally in the amount of the merger price, or with some small discount applied. If agreement cannot be reached as to the amount of the interim payment, a dissenter may apply to the court for an order requiring the company to pay the interim payment.

Seeking disclosure

 Facilitating disclosure process against third parties across the globe

Complex valuation reports


Representation before the Cayman Islands Court

Our team acts either on both the dissenter or company side in fair value trials which come before the Cayman Islands Court. 



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