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Ana Casildo

Ana Casildo 

Senior Corporate Administrator | Cayman


Ana is a Senior Corporate Administrator for Collas Crill Corporate Services Limited (CCCS), based in the Cayman Islands.

With nine years of experience in the Trust and Corporate Administration field she has worked with clients globally. Prior to joining Collas Crill Corporate Services she was employed at establishments such as Cayman National Corporation Limited and The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce gaining a strong Project Management and Secretarial background. She is fluent in English and Spanish of which has been beneficial for translations of documents and personal interaction with Latin Clients. Her background will ensure that the CCCS team and her portfolio meet their regulatory requirements and clients are assisted in a professional and timely manner.

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Collas Crill Corporate Services Limited

Collas Crill Corporate Services Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Collas Crill Group and is licensed to conduct company management business under the Cayman Companies Management Law.