Jane Magis

Jane Magis

Manager, Corporate Services

Jane Magis

Manager, Corporate Services Cayman

Originally from the UK, Jane has specialised in Cayman Islands companies management services since 2000 first with CARD Corporate Services and then Collas Crill Corporate Services Limited (CCCS). With a strong administrative background, Jane's experience of working with the Cayman Islands Companies Registry and the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority contributes to ensuring that CCCS and their clients meet their regulatory requirements.

As the Manager. Corporate Services, Jane is the first point of contact for new CCCS clients. As well as looking after a portfolio of companies for CCCS, Jane's role is to co-ordinate CCCS's administrative operations and to assist the Director, Corporate Services to implement ongoing strategy.


Changes to Cayman Islands Companies

The Cayman Islands Government has recently passed amendment laws to strengthen the jurisdiction's evolving AML/CFT regime (the 2019 Amendments). This ...