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Jennifer Powery

Jennifer Powery 

Property Specialist | Cayman



Jennifer joined Collas Crill as Property Specialist in September 2022.

Jennifer has worked supporting some of the jurisdiction's leading professionals for over ten years. She has a keen eye for detail and a passion for working in a team, which has given her experience in funds, corporate and litigation areas. 

Jennifer provided high level support to the Judges of the FSD Division in Cayman's Grand Court. She was able to lean on her many years' experience as a personal assistant to some of Cayman's top legal minds, and managed the Judges' extensive and ever-changing court diaries with ease.

She was also responsible for scheduling hearings, ensuring electronic and hard copy bundles were submitted in accordance with the Grand Court Rules. She assisted with the formatting, finalising and distribution of Judgments and Rulings, and liaised with the wider Court staff to ensure the FSD ran smoothly for the team, the Judges, the Chief Justice's Office and the FSD Registry.

My services

At Collas Crill we take a hands-on approach, working in close collaboration with our clients, their advisers and other legal professionals to ensure every deal and transaction is managed to successful completion. Regardless of the prevailing economic and market conditions our goal is to minimise the risks and drive maximum value for our clients in every property transaction. Our property specialists have the local knowledge and expertise to not only offer top quality advice on all commercial and residential transactions, but to give meaningful opinions and anticipate challenges and opportunities at every stage of the process.