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Evolving We’re not just lawyers, we’re real people. We understand the importance of building relationships, picking up the phone to have meaningful conversations and being available whenever you need us. We’re here to make the complex feel simple and find new ways to make your life easier. We’ll deliver on time, first time, every time.
Troublemakers Every now and then it’s important to see the world from a fresh perspective, be willing to break the mould and make the bold moves first. When you work with us, quality, responsiveness and availability are a given - but we want our clients to expect even more. We’ll take the time to get to know you, your situation and what matters to you most.

We're real people with personality and we genuinely enjoy what we do.

Collas Crill is an offshore law firm that never stands still. Our roots are in the Cayman and Channel Islands but, thanks to our forward-thinking approach, we've built a strong global presence and reputation.

We have an unmatched reputation for innovation in the offshore legal world. We were the first law firm with offices in Singapore, the Cayman Islands, London and each of the Channel Islands. We have consistently challenged the status quo to find simpler, faster and smarter ways to help those we work with reach their full potential. We measure our success from our clients' perspective.

Seminar +
Russia Under the Macro-Scope
Royal Chambers Business Centre, St Julian's Avenue
Seminar +
Russia Under the Macro-Scope
The Royal Yacht, Weighbridge, St Helier
Seminar +
Islamic Finance
Pomme D'Or Hotel, Liberation Square, St Helier, Jersey
Seminar +
UK Residential Property Update
01/03/16 Royal Chambers Business Centre, St Julian's Avenue
Seminar +
Planning for the Future
17/02/16 Royal Chambers Business Centre, St Julian's Avenue
Deals & Cases +
Advised on London Stock Exchange
01/02/16 Collas Crill advised daVictus plc on the London Stock Exchange's main market
News +
senior appointment to fiduciary
01/02/16 Collas Crill makes senior appointment to award-winning fiduciary team
Cayman Update +
Collas Crill & CARD becomes Collas Crill Collas Crill