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A Creditors' Guide to Guernsey Insolvency

In this guide we hope to give our readers a refresher course on Guernsey's insolvency laws in the hope that they will...

Privilege - The Obligation to Disclose

This article outlines the obligation to disclose documents during the litigation process and explains why it is an...

Removal of Protector

On 14th July 2015 the Royal Court of Guernsey handed down judgment in a case that will be of interest to all trust and...

Asset Tracing and Recovery in the Channel Islands

This briefing looks at why it is critical to ensure that there is value in pursuing or continuing to pursue...

Powers of Attorney: Jersey vs UK

Powers of Attorney guardianship - This briefing explains what a Power of Attorney (POA) actually does and looks at the...

Where There's a Will There's a Way (Wills for Non-Residents)

This briefing looks at the importance of making a Guernsey Will for Non-Residents holding assets in Guernsey.

10 Reasons to Make a Will

10 Reasons to make a will in Guernsey

Wills in Guernsey

People often put off making a Will or are slow to amend their Will as circumstances change. The risk they run is that...


87 results

Crociani & Ors v Crociani & Ors - Representing Princess Camilla de Bourbon des Deux Siciles Jersey
Joel Schwalb v Rothschild Bank (CI) Limited Guernsey
Carlyle Capital Corporation Limited (in liquidation) and ors -v- Conway and ors Guernsey
The Jack Walker Settlement Jersey, Guernsey
Alpha Development Ltd et al -v- Barclays Wealth Trustees (Guernsey) Ltd et al Guernsey
Emerald Bay Worldwide Limited -v- Barclays Wealth Directors (Guernsey) Ltd et al Guernsey
In the Matter of Re: S Guernsey
AFR Executors (Guernsey) Limited -v- Cooney and ors Guernsey
Trust dispute - valuation of assets Guernsey
Investec Trust Limited -v- Glenalla Properties Limited and Others Guernsey
Braun v Brantridge Guernsey
Landsbanki Guernsey Guernsey
ABC Trustees Guernsey
X Trust Guernsey
Hitchins v Hill Guernsey
Nolan & Ors v Minerva Financial Services Limited Jersey
Meinl Airports Managers Limited v AI Airports International Limited et al
Jacksons CI Acquisition Guernsey