15th annual Collas Crill Moot once again brings courtroom to life for Guernsey sixth-formers

Sixth form students from around Guernsey are being invited to take part the 15th annual Collas Crill Moot.

The Moot provides students from Grammar School, Blanchelande College, Elizabeth College and the Ladies' College with the chance to participate in a mock trial competition.

The Collas Crill team has been visiting the schools this week to launch the 2022 competition.

The Moot involves pairs of students studying real-life legal case notes and applying them to a mock court situation. Participants are mentored and coached by Collas Crill lawyers throughout the competition and judged by some of the firm's partners during the mock trials.

For aspiring lawyers the Moot teaches the basics of certain aspects of law and provides a fantastic opportunity to experience the drama of the courtroom first hand. For those not looking to pursue a legal career, the Moot provides the chance to improve on their communication, presentation, research and analytical skills.

The finalists must present their arguments in front of a Judge (played by some of Collas Crill's partners) and are marked on their court etiquette, persuasiveness, clarity, body language, legal argument and time-keeping.

Last year 67 students took part in the competition where they were put to the test on a number of scenarios including criminal, employment and defamation trials.

The Ladies' College and Elizabeth College reached the final, with Elizabeth College taking home the Moot trophy.

The final took place in Court 3 of the Royal Court and was presided over by a judging panel of Madam Deputy Bailiff, Jessica Roland, along with Collas Crill Managing Partner Christian Hay and Partner Ben Havard.

Students taking part in the 2022 Collas Crill Moot will be coached by a team of ten trainee lawyers, some of whom took part in The Moot themselves. Trainee Solicitors Jessica Bell and Laura Smith are organising this year's competition and both took part in the Moot when at school.

'It's such a great opportunity to be able to take part in something like the Moot whilst still at school – not many people outside of Guernsey get the chance to 'try out' being a lawyer like this – and I would recommend it to any students who are even remotely considering it.

'In a nutshell, it's fun, brilliant experience, looks great on your CV and gives you something to talk about at interviews,' said Laura.

Collas Crill's Training Principal and Group Partner Michael Morris said: 'The Collas Crill Moot provides local students with a fantastic opportunity to develop important skills that can be used both in higher education and in working life – not just law. A large number of our trainees, associates and senior associates took part in The Moot when at school and credit their involvement in the competition in helping them with their career development.

'The competition really brings the reality of the courtroom to life and students are expected to use all the correct court etiquette and language. That said it is a fun experience for all who take part.'

The first Moot takes place on 19 October, the second on 9 November, the third on 23 November with the final Moot on 7 December.

Photos: Collas Crill Trainee Solicitors Jessica Bell and Jessica Burgess speaking to the year 12 students at the Grammar School about the Moot.