Modern slavery statement


At Collas Crill, we are committed to ensuring that the highest ethical and professional standards are met throughout our business and in all our dealings. We fully support the objective of eliminating any form of modern slavery and human trafficking, together with any other associated practices and are committed to ensuring that no such practices occur within our business and supply chains. This applies both on a local, and on a global level.

Although the operations of the Collas Crill Group do not meet the criteria whereby we would need to publish a statement under the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015, we consider it important to set out our position on these matters for the benefit of those who deal with the Collas Crill Group.

Our structure

The Collas Crill Group is a multi-jurisdictional legal services provider carrying on business under the name "Collas Crill" and which includes both separate legal practices (including partnerships and corporate bodies), currently operating from offices in the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Jersey and London. Collas Crill also includes a Guernsey trust administration and corporate management firm - Collas Crill Trust, a licensed company management business - Collas Crill Corporate Services Ltd, and a risk and compliance/anti-money laundering service through Collas Crill Compliance Limited. Further information about Collas Crill can be found on our website.

None of the jurisdictions in which Collas Crill operates has a poor record on modern slavery and human trafficking. As a provider of legal, IP, risk and compliance/AML and company management services, we consider the risk of modern slavery within our business to be relatively low, and our supply chain is simple.

Our policies

However, notwithstanding this low risk, we remain committed to ensuring that modern slavery, human trafficking and any associated practices do not enter our business or supply chains.

Our recruitment and other HR policies comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We carry out robust checks on all new employees prior to them starting work and engage only with reputable recruiters. We regularly review employee arrangements, such as in relation to flexible working and general employee wellbeing. All of our employees are paid at least the minimum wage applicable to their place of work.

As a provider of professional services, in many cases members of the Collas Crill Group and its employees are themselves subject to professional codes of conduct designed to ensure that the highest standards of integrity and professional ethics are maintained. We also have in place firm wide policies and procedures to mitigate any money laundering, terrorist financing, bribery and corruption risk to our business. We carry out thorough due diligence checks on any new clients and new business as required by applicable law and regulation, to mitigate further these risks.

Our suppliers

We only deal with reputable suppliers, to ensure that nothing relating to modern slavery and human trafficking and associated practices forms part of our supply chain. Where we discover or have reason to believe any supplier to be connected to any of those practices, we will act decisively to terminate any supplier relationship.

Our staff and core values

Collas Crill carries out regular training on an ongoing basis to ensure the continued awareness of our staff to all potential risks to our business arising from actual or potential criminal activities. Our core values which can be found on our website and which all of our staff are expected to embody also reinforce Collas Crill's commitment at every level of the group to eliminate anything from our business which may relate to any form of criminal activity, including modern slavery and human trafficking.     

Jason Romer
Group Managing Partner