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The power of comprehensive GRC for resilient business 

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the fusion of good corporate governance, proactive risk management, and compliance with relevant rules and regulations is paramount for establishing a resilient business model. At Collas Crill Compliance Limited (CCCL), we recognise the pivotal role played by each aspect of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) in forming a robust foundation from which businesses can flourish and adapt seamlessly to internal and external changes.

Our customised GRC and AML/CFT/CPF services

At CCCL, we take pride in our proactive and commercially sensitive expertise, catering not only to Guernsey regulated financial services businesses, but also extending our support to other enterprises with compliance obligations, including personal fiduciary licensees, registered directors, estate agents and accountants. With a focus on excellence, our team stands ready to assist your business in designing, building, and implementing a proportionate risk framework environment.

Our suite of ongoing services encompasses:


  • GRC support: Benefit from our comprehensive GRC support, offering strategic insights and solutions tailored to your specific needs.
  • Corporate Governance Framework development: Provide assistance with the review and development of a corporate governance framework that not only satisfies the regulatory obligations but is bespoke and tailored to the size and complexity of the Client.
  • Board Evaluation: To provide an independent evaluation of Board composition and structure, to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and also effectiveness.
  • Corporate Secretary Support: To provide support to a corporate secretary in performing certain duties.


  • Business Risk Assessments: Provide an assessment of business risk exposure and to provide assistance with designing a business risk framework that appropriately identifies risk, manages and mitigates risk.
  • Risk and Regulatory consultancy and support: Rely on our expertise to review and enhance your processes and procedures, ensuring regulatory compliance at every step.
  • Risk and Regulatory health-checks: Stay ahead of the curve with our meticulous assessments that help you prepare for regulatory inspections or thematic reviews proactively.
  • Onsite inspection preparation: We'll stand by your side to ensure your business is well-prepared for onsite inspections or thematic reviews, offering guidance and recommendations throughout the course of the inspection or review.
  • Post-onsite inspection remediation: Should any issues arise during an inspection, count on us to assist you in swiftly addressing and resolving them.
  • Independent AML Audits: Assist licensees in meeting their regulatory obligation to establish a robust independent audit function, with a focus on evaluating the adequacy and efficacy of the AML/CFT/CPF policies, procedures, and controls. 
  • Independent Internal Controls: Assist licensees in meeting their regulatory obligation to establish a robust independent audit function, with a focus on evaluating the adequacy and efficacy of the internal controls of the business. 


  • Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) and Money Laundering Compliance Officer (MLCO) roles: Trust our experienced professionals to take on the critical roles of MLRO and MLCO.* 
  • Exclusive MLRO/MLCO masterclasses: Supporting MLROs and MLCOs in meeting their regulatory obligations to undertake additional training, keeping them appraised of latest industry insights, best practices and strategies.
  • Training and Development: Empower your team with our tailored training programmes, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to maintain compliance excellence. 
  • Projects: Collaborate with us on specialised projects to tackle unique compliance challenges effectively. 

Elevate your business with CCCL

At CCCL, our commitment lies in ensuring your business's compliance journey is seamless and rewarding. With our experienced team, you can navigate regulatory complexities with confidence, allowing your business to focus wholeheartedly on growth and success.

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  • Good corporate governance, proactive risk management and proportionate compliance with relevant rules are all essential components for operating a resilient business model.
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