Cayman International School: Cayman Moot finalists

The Collas Crill Cayman Moot is an annual inter-school competition that sees senior students from across the Cayman Islands competing against each other in a mock-trial setting.

Cayman International School's (CIS) Jordan Lisle and Jack Coleman will be competing against Ariella Rankin and Anabella Hayden from the Cayman Prep and High School and Clifton Hunter's Jade-Ann Scott and Sashalee Taylor in the Collas Crill Cayman Moot final.

More than 50 students across the three high schools took part in the inaugural event and the six finalists are top-scoring teams from each school after three previous rounds.

The final of the competition will take place on 26 January at the Courthouse.

Here we find out a little more about Jordan and Jack from CIS, and their experience of the Moot.

How have you found the Moot – have you enjoyed it?

Jordan: I have very much enjoyed the Moot. It has been fun participating with the other schools to cover these mock cases.

Jack: The Moot has been an engaging and fun experience. It's been a while since I've had the chance to participate in a formal debate and personally it felt exciting to have to look at a case, the law and then figure out "Ok, what can I use to support my side". As the debater you get to both examine the details of the case and create an argument, while also having to speak and communicate his/her arguments to the judge.

Would you recommend other students to take part and if so why?

Jordan: If the students have an interest in public speaking, then I would definitely recommend it. The Moot has a lot of things that are different than normal debating which makes it very interesting and valuable to do.

Jack: Yes I would definitely recommend other students to take part in the Moot program. The Moot is a great opportunity to improve one's public speaking, confidence, and knowledge of the law. The mentors and lawyers who advise and judge the Moot have all provided a great deal of support and feedback which has really helped me in being able to make it to the Moot finals.

What have you taken away from participating in the Moot?

Jordan: I have been able to properly recognise the importance of preparation and practice in the public speaking setting. In lots of these, our team has been able to perform well because we had public speaking experience, however, we didn't prepare much as we should have and that likely hindered our performance. It is incredibly important to prepare and practice what you have so it flows well when actually presenting it.

Jack: From the Moot I've improved my skills at public speaking and knowledge about law and in particular court etiquette.

Would you consider a career in law?

Jordan: I would, depending on what it seems like in university. Different people have different views on law school and law. It seems like a lot of work but I would consider trying it.

Jack: Absolutely, a career in law matches up with my best subjects and interests - it's a career I have always considered. Having the opportunity to participate in the Moot I am even more keen now to study law. Also the many forms of law from criminal to business, ensure that I have a wide variety of options and choices.