Cayman Prep and High School - Cayman Moot finalists

The Collas Crill Cayman Moot is an annual inter-school competition that sees senior students from across the Cayman Islands competing against each other in a mock-trial setting.

Cayman Prep and High School's Ariella Rankin and Anabella Hayden will be competing against Jordan Lisle and Jack Coleman from Cayman International School and Clifton Hunter's Jade-Ann Scott and Sashalee Taylor in the Collas Crill Cayman Moot final.

More than 50 students across the three high schools took part in the inaugural event and the six finalists are top-scoring teams from each school after three previous rounds.

The final of the competition will take place on 26 January at the Courthouse.

Here we find out a little more about the Cayman Prep and High School's Anabella and Ariella, and their experience of the Moot.

How have you found the Moot - have you enjoyed it?

Ariella: When I participated in my first moot, waiting outside the "courtroom" was nerve-wracking, but once I was inside, my nerves subsided, and I was able to recite my argument. Following the first moot, planning for future moots was less tense. Personally, I liked it moot since it was fun to do it with my partner as well as to experience a courtroom setting.

Anabella: Yes, I enjoyed it. Moot was a great chance to develop my teamwork in a friendly competitive environment. I was very interested in the process of analysing cases and working with the law professional from Collas Crill assigned to our school to create arguments.

Would you recommend other students to take part in it and if so why?

Ariella: I would recommend other students to participate in Moot because it can increase their self-confidence and help them become better public speakers in the future.

Anabella: I would recommend the Moot to other students because it offers a highly unique chance to build debating skills and learn from people with knowledge in the field of law. Especially for students interested in law; it is an extremely valuable experience.

What have you taken away from participating in the Moot?

Ariella: Participating in the Moot has taught me how to voice my argument and how to portray myself. For instance, it's important to learn how to speak clearly so the judge can understand you in court.

Anabella: I have gained a wider understanding of how lawyers create arguments to support clients they represent. Additionally, I have greatly improved my public speaking skills and become much more confident presenting to judges.

Would you consider a career in law?

Ariella: I had thought about pursuing a career in law before the Moot, and now that I've had some legal experience, I will most likely do so.

Anabella: I would definitely consider pursuing a law career as it matches well with many skills I possess and would like to develop.

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