Cayman Scholarship Programme: A student's perspective

Gabrielle (Gabi) Ramoutar is our current Legal Scholarship Programme student in Cayman. Currently 20 years old, Gabi is in her third year of law school at the University of Liverpool. As part of the scheme she has been supported by Collas Crill with paid work experience, career advice from partners and lawyers and a financial contribution from the firm. 

Here we find out a little more about Gabi, her experience at Collas Crill, and legal career journey so far.

Why did you choose to study law?

Law was not my first choice in a career, at first I wanted to become a doctor. As I got older and my mom went to law school, I became inspired by her. I’d help her with the memorisation of her cases for her exams and I became more and more intrigued. As a result, I was able to recite quotes from famous judges such as Lord Denning, and even knew key facts from quite important cases (even though I was not aware of their importance at the time). Over time, English became my favourite subject and I enjoyed reading in my spare time so it seemed like a no-brainier to choose law as my future profession.

What has been the biggest highlight and the biggest challenge of your legal career so far?

The biggest highlight so far on my legal journey has been developing my legal knowledge and finding everyday situations that they may apply to. This could range from finding myself in a similar situation to the facts of a case that I've read to seeing the law being reformed to fix world issues.

My biggest challenge so far, has been keeping my confidence up during exam periods. I am usually able to overcome this, however, by taking breaks and talking it out with either my family, or my academic advisor.

You joined Collas Crill for a legal internship in August 2023. What was your takeaway from your summer with Collas Crill?

During my time at Collas Crill I not only gained invaluable experience with actual legal work but l was also able to work closely with wonderful mentors who provided me with great advice that I will keep in mind in the future, and also pass on. I was able to gain experience in different seats which taught me to keep an open mind when going into each area as it may not be what you expect.

Additionally, I believe it would be safe to say that working at Collas Crill has definitely helped me set a standard for the type of working environment I’d like in the future.

What advice would you give to someone who is embarking on their legal journey?

Balance is key. It’s almost a guarantee that at times it will feel very overwhelming, but when you meet a good set of friends who will support you, and maybe a hobby that you enjoy doing, ensure to make time for yourself which will allow you to clear your mind so that you can do your very best without feeling burnt out.

What is next for you?

After the completion of my undergraduate law degree, I plan to continue my studies and I wish to take the SQE route.

Here is Gabi with some of her mentors at Collas Crill (L-R): Kirsten Bailey, Annalisa Shibli, Andrew Peedom, Chantelle Day, Gabi, Stephen Leontsinis, Laura Oseland

Are you interested in applying for the 2024/2025 Legal Scholarship Programme?

The Collas Crill Legal Scholarship Programme in Cayman is supporting the next generation of forward-thinking lawyers by providing financial assistance of up to KYD$12,000 to one young Caymanian per year interested in pursuing a career in law.

It is open to final year Caymanian students (Year 13 for UK schools or Grade 12 for America / IB schools) who have received an offer to study law at a UK university for Fall 2024.

What the Scholarship Programme covers

  • A financial contribution, paid annually in three instalments
  • Careers advice from partners and other lawyers
  • Four weeks’ paid work experience per academic year

For terms and conditions and to find out more click here.