Collas Crill invites applicants for 2019 bursary scheme

Collas Crill is inviting aspiring lawyers in Guernsey and Jersey to apply for its 2019 bursary scheme before applications close at the end of the month.

The law firm has renewed its commitment to supporting prospective advocates in the Channel Islands with both financial support and real-life work experience through the scheme, which is now in its eighth year.

The bursary scheme is not just limited to those with a law degree but is open to graduates that are keen to train professionally after university. The firm also supports postgraduates who are already studying a law-related degree or post course.

Mary Hurrell, senior HR manager at Collas Crill, says: “We understand that young people embarking on a career in law can find it a daunting prospect, so we’re proud that this scheme continues to offer the support that they need to pursue their vocation.

“In addition to offering financial backing, our work experience and mentoring programmes ensure that our bursary students have the guidance they need to truly fulfil their potential.

“As an employer, the scheme also offers us the opportunity to connect with candidates of the highest calibre who may see a future with Collas Crill.” Emma Taylor, A former bursary student who now works as an associate within Collas Crill’s dispute resolution team, said: “The bursary scheme was hugely helpful for me during my studies at University.

“It obviously has the financial perk, but what I found most beneficial was being able to spend my vacations gaining invaluable work experience in different departments in the firm. I actually got to work on real matters and draft documents for those matters.

“You feel as if you are an integral member of the team, despite only being there for a couple of weeks. Whilst on work experience, you also get to attend the in-house training sessions, which the firm run on an almost weekly basis and are provided with a nominated mentor within the firm to provide general support whilst you are at university.

“For me, the bursary really solidified that I wanted to return to Guernsey to carry out my training. It showed me that whilst Guernsey might not be as big as London the variety and type of work that you get to work on as a junior lawyer makes it a no brainer for coming back to the island to qualify.”

Applications for this year’s bursary scheme close on Thursday 31 January.

Anyone with an interest in applying can access further information and application details by emailing