Collas Crill lawyer awarded for community work

Collas Crill partner and head of the firm's property department, Jason Green, has been awarded the Law Officers' Pro Bono Legal Award at the Annual Chief Pleas Dinner.

The award, presented by H M Procureur Megan Pullum QC, is in recognition of the contribution, time and expertise that lawyers provide to the local community.

Jason has been chair of Autism Guernsey since its inception in August 2012 and was instrumental in its establishment. Autism Guernsey has quickly proved that there was a dire need in the Autism community for a dedicated charity that could provide services that the States were not in a position to assist with. Jason has led a very capable team to deliver on services that are clearly needed.

He has also, since early this year, provided advice and assistance free of charge to the recently formed Little Chapel Foundation and has been instrumental in many of the property related issues that have arisen in relation to this.

In addition, Jason regularly assists the Bailiwick of Guernsey Scout Association and Les Bourgs Hospice with legal advice, as well as providing ad hoc advice to other charities.

Jason is also in charge of Collas Crill's corporate social responsibility committee which has supported a wide-range of charitable events and organisations and which, in Jersey, has been responsible for the Island Walk for the past three years.

Jason said: "It's a great honour to assist the local community in Guernsey and utilise my skills for the needs of various charities. I am very proud of the work Autism Guernsey does in the island, as well as the other charities that I am involved with, and I am humbled to receive this award.

"I also strongly believe that by giving a little time, we can all make a real difference to those less fortunate than ourselves or those who need specialist assistance which only lawyers can provide"

HM Procureur, Megan Pullum QC, said: “I am delighted to announce Advocate Green, Collas Crill, as the winner of the Law Officers’ Pro Bono Legal Award. He has given generously of his time to assist a number of very worthwhile causes in the Bailiwick for many years and clearly deserved to win this award (which was set up 2015).

"We hope the award will continue to inspire and challenge other Advocates and firms to think about how their legal skills and standing might serve our local community in different ways.“

Jurat ‘Jerry’ Girard, vice chairman of Autism Guernsey, said: "In 2012 Jason and I worked together to establish Autism Guernsey which, after a great deal of investigation and preparatory work, launched in April 2013. Since those early days, Jason has continued to give up many hours of his time and energy to lead Autism Guernsey which, in the space of only a few years, has now become a major and respected charity in our community.

"Jason's calm, pragmatic approach to running the charity has no doubt been very instrumental in its success."

Pat Johnson, chair of The Little Chapel Foundation, said: "We are extremely grateful to Jason for undertaking legal support to us on a pro bono basis as he has enabled us to immediately begin work on the Little Chapel without having to set aside monies for the legal preliminaries. Without his hard work and diligence, we would not have had such a successful start to this important community project."

Peter Webber, Bailiwick chairman of the Scout Association, said: “Jason has been supporting local Scouting for a number of years now. He does so efficiently and discreetly, at minimal cost to the Association. We greatly value his support behind the scenes and are delighted that his outstanding community work has been recognised in this way.”

Jurat Mike Tanguy MBE, chairman of Les Bourgs Hospice, said: "Over the many years, Jason has been a tower of strength in legal support and advice, always available at short notice. I'm delighted that he has been recognised for his tremendous efforts."