Collas Crill supports GCFE incentive programme

Collas Crill is supporting the Guernsey College of Further Education's (GCFE) summer term incentive scheme to encourage high commitment and attendance levels of students on its sports courses.

Sally Warburton-Ward, sport, active leisure & public services programme leader at the GCFE, wanted to introduce a scheme to encourage the highest attendance levels possible across the course. After consulting with the students, an incentive scheme was implemented to reward the students, on a term by term basis for more than 90% attendance and 95% punctuality.

At the end of the first term, 14 students achieved the reward. This then improved to 20 students at the end of the second term. Rewards centre around team building and group activities, such as orienteering and bowling, as well as vouchers for local sports businesses to help the students fund equipment for their studies.

This summer term the students hope to take part in a go-karting experience, and two special awards will be presented for achievement and effort.

Sally said: "Each year we strive to encourage our learners to make the right decisions. It was the students themselves who came up with the incentive initiative and it has proven very successful.

"We are really grateful that Collas Crill has given us support this summer term recognising the importance of rewarding those learners who have shown outstanding commitment to their studies."

Nin Ritchie, who sits on the firm's CSR committee, said: "There are so many charities and initiatives to support, sometimes it can be difficult to choose. However, when we heard from the students of the benefit of having the incentive scheme, it is clear that it is having a highly positive impact and may even make a difference to whether students leave college with or without a qualification. It is also instilling important life skills."

Learners at the GCFE said: "It does make a difference because it adds an extra layer of fun and you don't want to be left out when everyone else goes. It's good knowing what the activity is going to be. The rib trip is what we've asked to do so it shows that the teachers listen to us."

Collas Crill's Make A Difference (MAD) committees are based across the firm's global jurisdictions, aiming to make a positive impact on staff, the community and the environment.

If you would like to support the GCFE's incentive scheme going forward, please contact curriculum support assistant Julie Jones.