Crypto funding now possible for acquisition of Cayman property

Property transactions in Cayman can now be funded in cryptocurrency through Parallel Limited, which has obtained its VASP registration from CIMA.

CEO of Parallel Limited Laura Birrell said: 'As Cayman's premier crypto escrow provider, Parallel is excited to bring this new opportunity to Cayman's real estate market. Whether you are a buyer looking to diversify your crypto wealth, or a seller looking to attract a new audience of buyers, Parallel is your trusted intermediary who is with you every step of the way.'

Head of Collas Crill's Cayman Property team Gina Berry remarked: 'These are undoubtedly exciting times for property investment in Cayman. We congratulate Parallel on their launch and embrace the additional options for investment which this provides to our clients. The team at Collas Crill is perfectly poised to provide bespoke advice, with experienced commercial partners Natalie Bell and Alan de Saram adding further value to this offering.'

If you are an investor looking to diversify your portfolio and convert some of your cryptoassets into real estate, or a property seller looking to increase your market, Gina Berry - a Legal 500 leading individual - can guide you through the process.

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