Putting health and wellbeing first at a time of seismic change

Group Managing Partner Jason Romer features in the Law Society Gazette with an article on the topic of 'putting health and wellbeing first at a time of seismic change'.

In the article Jason talks about the importance of health and wellbeing and empathy.

'As we begin 2022, everything is the same and in every other way, it has all changed. We face all of this with the stark political reality of what Brexit actually means and the continued rise of nationalism that affects our ability to travel, to enjoy ourselves and to do the things that we really love.

'It sounds rather bleak, doesn’t it? Well, in my view, in between all of this, some amazing things have happened that will change our world forever and probably for the better. How the legal world adapts to this seismic shift will be a test of leaders, partners and possibly the very model of law as we have known it – forever – both onshore and offshore.'

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