EVENT POSTPONED Africa investment opportunities - Guernsey funds and Africa - two common use-cases Webinar


Guernsey fund structures have long been a popular choice for global investments. For African fund managers, there are compelling reasons to use a Guernsey fund – including time to launch, cost to establish and maintain and the practicality of closely aligned time zones.

In this Collas Crill webinar, in association with Werksmans Attorneys and Prism Chambers, we will discuss two of the most common use-cases of Guernsey funds for Africa:

  1. outbound investment and international expansion (for African managers);
  2. inbound investment by international investors (for both African and international managers).

The panelists will detail how to best facilitate international investment using underlying vehicles in either Mauritius or South Africa. Special thanks go to Werksmans Attorneys and Prism Chambers for their expertise.

You will hear from:

Paul Wilkes and Gareth Morgan of Collas Crill
Erich Bell of Werksmans Attorneys
Johanne Hague of Prism Chambers

Date: Thursday 17 March

Time: 14:30-16:30 GMT, 16:30-18:30 CAT

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