BPP - Digital paradise or digital paradox: Cryptoassets vs sustainability Webinar

Join Wayne Atkinson and fellow experts for a discussion of cryptoassets through the lens of sustainability, hosted by BPP.

Cryptoassets, such as currencies, have seen a meteoric rise to popularity (and value) in the past 12 months. This round table will cover the inherent paradox: is the environmental cost of crypto mining worth the outcomes?

Estimates from the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index suggest that Bitcoin mining alone (not considering other cryptocurrencies) consumes more energy than the annual consumption of the Netherlands.

Is moving away from proof of work blockchains (as utilised by Bitcoin) towards proof of stake really the answer? Are cryptoassets environmentally sustainable enough to continue?

The panel discussion will cover:

  • Bitcoin mining energy usage
  • The ‘China impact’ on mining
  • Proof of work vs proof of stake mining
  • Sustainable mining (such as proposed in El Salvador)
  • The future of crypto

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