Collas Crill Moot Final and Prize Giving Training

Next Wednesday Collas Crill will host its annual Moot final and prize giving with teams from Ladies' College and Elizabeth College.

The annual Collas Crill Moot provides schools from around the island with the chance to participate in a "mock-trial" competition. For future lawyers the Moot teaches the basics of certain aspects of law and provides a fantastic opportunity to experience the drama of the courtroom first hand.

Even for those students not looking to pursue a legal career, the Moot provides an invaluable opportunity to improve upon their communication, presentation, research and analytical skills. The Moot involves pairs of students studying real-life legal case notes and applying them to a mock court situation.

Over 30 students took part across the three rounds where they were given a different situations including criminal, employment and defamation trials.

The top two teams competing will be Catrina Tierney and Emily Oliver from Ladies' College against Isaac Bate and Adam Sparkes from Elizabeth College.

The finalists have been given their final case and must present their arguments in front of a Judge (played by some of Collas Crill's partners) and are marked on their court etiquette, clarity, body language, legal argument and time-keeping.

This will be followed by a prize giving for all of this year's participants.

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