Collas Crill to present on Islamic Finance Seminar

Two partners from Collas Crill will be addressing the topic of Islamic finance at an industry event.

Banking and finance partner, Sean Cheong, and group partner and head of the fiduciary team, Angela Calnan, will be joining the managing director of Midshore Consulting, Christopher Jehan, technical manager at Guernsey Finance, James Travers, and the listings manager at the CISE, Ben Snook, to present a 'town hall meeting' on Islamic finance and the opportunities for the Guernsey market.

Taking place on the 24 November at St James, Sean will discuss the application of Islamic finance principles structures in transactions involving Guernsey entities and service providers while Angela will be looking at the differing attitudes of clients to Sharia compliance for estate planning and the subtle shift in the last year or two to looking at the core Sharia principles of fairness and justice as opposed to the granular detail of the fixed shares for inheritance.

Sean said: "Islamic finance is an underdeveloped and misunderstood area in Guernsey. We hope that this event will help to identify and promote the various opportunities for the island's financial services industry."

The event will take place from 4pm – 5.30pm. If you would like to attend, you can email, telephone +44 1481 730 733 or follow this link. Alternatively you can find more information here.

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