Governance and the Guernsey Private Trustee Seminar

The popularity of Guernsey private trustee structures (whether Private Trust Companies ("PTCs") or Private Trustee Foundations("PTFs")) has continued during 2020 – perhaps accelerated by the pandemic.

Angela Calnan, Group Partner in Collas Crill's International Private Client & Trust ("IPCT") Team will walk us through a recent practical example of a Guernsey PTC that she has established for a Saudi family with a Guernsey trustee and a recent practical example of a Guernsey PTF for a domestic Guernsey family, again, administered by a Guernsey trustee.

Angela will touch on:

  • The rationale for establishing the structures;
  • the documentation required;
  • interesting governance aspects that are arising in these live examples;
  • when an exemption is required from the commission and how and when to apply for it;
  • the mechanics for getting the structures live in practice; and
  • the ongoing governance aspects.

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