Guernsey Liberation Day hampers Charity


Collas Crill is once again partnering with the States of Guernsey’s Committee for Education, Sport & Culture to give away 500 Liberation Day tea hampers to islanders aged 80 or over who were in Guernsey or evacuated during the Second World War, as part of the celebrations of the island’s freedom from German occupation.

Each hamper contains a Guernsey biscuit, buttermilk cake, Guernsey chocolate, tea, cheese, butter and milk. The hampers are available through the support of Collas Crill and the donation of butter and milk from the Guernsey Dairy.

The criteria is - residents of the population who:

  • are aged 80 and over
  • were living in Guernsey or evacuated during the Second World War
  • are living in private accommodation or with family (Guernsey Post run a separate initiative for those people living in care/residential homes)

You can register for a hamper for yourself or can give consent to someone to apply and collect on your behalf - hampers will only be given to those people who have registered. One hamper per person can be claimed.


Registration for the hampers opens on Thursday 4 April and runs until noon on Tuesday 30 April.

To register for a hamper please send the following information via or by calling 01481 734282 (emails/calls won't be monitored on bank holidays.)

  • Recipient name
  • Recipient address
  • Recipient date of birth/age
  • Recipient's telephone number
  • Recipient email address

If you are applying on someone’s behalf, or someone else is collecting on your behalf, please also include the following additional information:

  • Your name / name of person collecting the hamper
  • Your telephone number / telephone number of person collecting the hamper
  • Your email address / email address of person collecting the hamper


The hampers will be available for collection from Beau Sejour between 9.30am and 1pm on Thursday 9 May.

The team from Collas Crill look forward to seeing you. Just a few pointers to note:

  • Collection is open from 9.30am to 1pm
  • There is no need to come earlier than 9.30am - it's not 'first come, first served' as we have enough hampers for everyone who has registered
  • Hampers are only available for people who have registered
  • Unless you hold a Blue Badge there is strictly no parking or waiting at the entrance area of Beau Sejour. Please use the main car park. If you need assistance carrying your hamper to your car, this is available.

Key point: Whether you are the recipient or collecting on behalf of someone else, you must bring ID with you when you come in to collect your hamper.

Happy Liberation Day or.... Haeuraeux jour d'la liberâtiâon!

(Please note - those islanders who were living in Guernsey during the Second World War, are aged 80 and over and are residents of care homes will have hampers delivered to them in a separate initiative which is being organised by Guernsey Post.)

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