TL4 Private Client NextGen Academy: The lifecycle of a HNW client Panel Discussion

Ben Havard will be a session host at ThoughtLeaders4 Private Client's NextGen Academy session on 'the lifecycle of a HNW client'.

The session aims to enhance Academy NextGen Private Client practitioners to train and learn together from the facilitators running each session.

Ben will help host the round table discussions on each stage of the lifecycle of a HNW client and how their needs change at each step:

Infancy and the modern family

  • How are trusts adapting to the new social norms? Adoption, stepchildren and blended families
  • Bringing children into the trust / financial conversation – When is best to do this?

Young adult clients - The energetic years

  • Marriage and divorce
  • Advising on ESG and assets

The mature client – The road to success(ion)

  • Setting up a trust, protectors, comparison of jurisdictions for trusts
  • Operating businesses – How to stop families falling out over the family business, and what to do when they do

Dealing with life’s two certainties

  • Death (and domicile)
  • Taxes (and inheritance)

The event runs from 12.30 to 5.30pm. Click here for more information or to register.

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