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Flow chart of a financial application


Applicant files application at Court for financial provision and application for directions, and serves copies on other party.

Application listed before the Royal Court for directions.


Directions hearing before the Royal Court.

The standard directions usually provide for an exchange of financial statements (Form A) and any other directions regarding valuations, etc.


Completed financial statements (Form A) are exchanged, including all relevant documentation.


Each party makes any requests for additional documentation or information.

In the event of any dispute as to what needs to be disclosed, the Court will fix a First Appointment hearing to determine the issue.


Valuations of property, businesses, etc are obtained and exchanged.


Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR) hearing takes place.

Both parties and their advocates attend FDR hearing.

The Court reads all relevant documents, including Form A's, and hears representations from the parties' advocates.

No evidence heard.

At conclusion of the hearing, Judge will give an indication as to the likely outcome if matter were to proceed to trial.

Settlement often results.



The Court will hear evidence and make appropriate orders for financial division and maintenance.