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Insight 19/06/2020
Trustees' disclosure obligations

All trustees will have had some experience of dealing with requests for trust information from beneficiaries. While...

Insight 30/04/2020
COVID-19 and financial crime

Collas Crill Compliance's Executive Director, Sandra Lawrence, discusses the rise in financial crime during the...

Insight 24/04/2020
COVID-19 Jersey Construction Work

The Covid-19 (Construction Work) (Jersey) Order 2020 (Construction Order) was enacted on 22 April 2020 and applies...

Insight 21/04/2020
Employers in Crisis

As an employer, your employees are one of your key assets but in the current circumstances, with revenues dropping or...

Insight 20/04/2020
Jersey cash box placings

Businesses across the globe are facing an unprecedented cash flow crisis given the extraordinary measures governments...

Guide 20/04/2020
Jersey cashbox placings – the antidote to your cash flow problems

Jersey cashbox placings – the antidote to your cash flow problems

Insight 14/05/2020
Liquidity options for fund managers

COVID-19 has caused significant social and economic disruption across the globe. This has created some significant...

Insight 27/04/2020
Reach of UK to international trusts

In recent years, the reporting obligations on trustees worldwide have been increasing incrementally, with FATCA and...

Insight 24/04/2020
CRS and FATCA update

There have been a number of recent amendments to the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and FATCA reporting regimes in...

Guide 21/04/2020
Collas Crill guiding you through… Getting a foreign insolvency...

This guide looks at the key things you need to know about getting a foreign officeholder recognised in Jersey.

Insight 20/04/2020
Estate Planning & Forward Thinking

In times of unprecedented global change due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it was enlightening to read Daphne...

Insight 17/04/2020
Taking company decisions virtually

We have increasingly received queries from our clients in all of our offshore jurisdictions asking us for practical...

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