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Insight 24/02/2020
Rusnano: an update

Rusnano: an update (or, what constitutes 'all the beneficiaries' of a trust)

Insight 19/02/2020
Update: Tate Modern view

Last year, we prepared an article looking into the legal conflict between the Tate Modern and the residents of NEO...

Insight 14/02/2020
Mutual Funds Law 2020

Mutual Funds (Amendment) Law, 2020

Insight 14/02/2020
Shanda: Minority discounts

The Board of the Privy Council (Board) recently handed down its decision in Shanda Games , a case involving the...

Guide 29/01/2020
'Trust Me' - A lawyer's guide to: What to inspect when you are...

'Trust Me' - A lawyer's guide to: What to inspect when you are expecting... a trust

Insight 17/01/2020
Double jeopardy: breach of sanction

The case of Lamesa Investments Ltd v Cynergy Bank Ltd [2019] EWHC 1877 (Comm) involved a bank caught up in the...

Insight 21/02/2020
Pearson v Primeo

Privy Council confirms narrow scope of Liquidator's rectification power in the Cayman Islands

Guide 18/02/2020
Building an efficient and effective risk framework

The risk-based approach is not a new concept, and it allows businesses to develop a proportionate risk framework based...

Insight 14/02/2020
Private Funds Law 2020

Private Funds Law 2020

Guide 03/02/2020
Collas Crill explains...Striking off a Jersey company

Jersey is a popular place to establish an asset holding company because the Law is modern, flexible and modelled on...

Insight 28/01/2020
Closed-ended funds in the BVI

Regulatory regime for closed-ended funds in the BVI

Insight 17/01/2020
Banks' Quincecare duty to customers

The Supreme Court in Singularis Holdings Limited (in Official Liquidation) v Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Ltd [2019]...

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