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Guide 01/03/2009
New Company Law for Guernsey - The Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008

New Company Law for Guernsey

Private Fund Regimes in Guernsey and Jersey

Over recent years both Guernsey and Jersey have updated their respective private fund regimes, both of which have...

Guernsey Property Unit Trusts

A Guernsey Property Unit Trust (GPUT) is a type of Guernsey trust which is usually used as a vehicle to hold UK...

Guernsey Green Fund

The Guernsey Green Fund, launched in July 2018, is the first regulated Green Fund product of its kind in the world.

Insolvency in Guernsey: Enforcement and Recovery

Guernsey insolvency regime can usefully be categorised by drawing a distinction between:

Tribunal Flow Chart

Received an ET2 and don’t know what to expect? This guide will set out the process from start to finish.

Brexit and Jersey - what you need to know

As the UK limps towards another deferred Brexit date, businesses in Jersey must still consider how they may be...

Draft Development Frameworks under the Island Development Plan

A Framework considers the location and features of a site and provides guidance to assist with the application of the...

Guernsey Green Finance

Now more than ever there is a concerted effort of the international community to push for greater private investment...

Insolvency in the BVI: Enforcement and Recovery

The BVI’s insolvency regime, both individual and corporate, is directed by the Insolvency Act 2003 (Act) and the...

A Guide to The Guernsey Private Investment Fund (PIF)

Guernsey's PIF regime recognises that for some funds the nature of the target investors warrants a more flexible...

Momentous Decisions - In the matter of the LKM Discretionary...

In the recent case of In the matter of the LKM Discretionary Trust the Guernsey Royal Court was being asked by the...

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