Guide 26/06/2019
BVI Companies – A Flexible Vehicle for Succession Planning

The issue of succession may not be a primary consideration when incorporating a company in the BVI or indeed in any...

Insight 19/06/2019
The rule of 'reflective loss'

Acquiring shares in a company is inevitably accompanied by a degree of risk. Volatile markets can often drastically...

Insight 14/06/2019
Changing IFC Fortunes Of BVI

The British Virgin Islands has, like some of its international financial centre peers, been under pressure to become...

Insight 11/06/2019
Public law compliance

One aspect of compliance that rarely gets mentioned is public law compliance. Public bodies, just like commercial...

Insight 07/06/2019
Cayman Substance Update

Cayman Islands Economic Substance Legislation

Insight 31/05/2019
What is "impact" investing?

What is "impact" investing, sometimes referred to as responsible or sustainable finance, and what do trustees, family...

Insight 19/06/2019
A fund finance 'loophole'

The use of capital call facilities or subscription facilities as a means of providing finance to funds has...

Insight 17/06/2019
To Apply or Not to Apply?

Private Trust Companies (PTC) are currently in vogue. So far in 2019 the Collas Crill International Private Client and...

Insight 13/06/2019
IP for your business

Intellectual property (IP) is a general term given to a variety of rights which protect various different elements...

Guide 07/06/2019
Cayman Islands Economic Substance Legislation

All Cayman Islands entities need to determine whether the Cayman Islands' economic substance regime requirements will...

Insight 07/06/2019
Settling the 'score'

A recent decision of the Court of Appeal serves to provide employers with a useful reminder of the importance of the...

Guide 29/05/2019
Jersey International Savings Plans

On 1 January 2019, Jersey introduced a new type of savings product called an International Savings Plan (ISP). Below...