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Collas Crill donates CI$2,900 to local charities

Collas Crill has donated CI$2,900 to Bonaventure Boys’ Home and Frances Bodden Girls’ Home, which operate under the parent company the CAYS Foundation.

The money was collected through fundraising activities, such as bake sales, at various points throughout the year. Donations were also made in exchange for furniture from the firm's old office following their relocation to Willow House in September, with any remaining furniture donated to schools and churches including Triple C School, Clifton Hunter School, Red Bay Primary, St. Ignatius High School and Weslyan Church.

Bonaventure Boys’ Home operates a 24 hour ten-bed Therapeutic Community Programme that addresses the antisocial behaviours, beliefs, of their residents in a safe and nurturing environment. This programme also provides a school based curriculum for all residents. Frances Bodden Girls’ Home operates a Care and Protection Programme offering 24 hour residential care for youths who are court-ordered as in need of care and protection in a safe and nurturing environment.

The charities were chosen at the beginning of the year by the firm's Making a Difference (MAD) committee, which is the in-house charitable face of Collas Crill in Guernsey, Jersey and the Cayman Islands. It offers employees the chance to create, organise, assist with and participate in charitable activities throughout the year aimed at helping charities and initiatives based or active in their area. The funds will be split evenly between the two charities.



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