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Collas Crill is first to register a colour as a trade mark

Collas Crill has become the first to register a colour as a trade mark in Guernsey.

The law firm has registered the pink it uses in its corporate identity with the Guernsey Registry meaning it owns the colour for anything relating to legal services in the island.

'The colour pink is not usually associated with a law firm but when we rebranded as Collas Crill, it was important to show that we had a different and fresh approach in all that we did. The pink has now become synonymous with Collas Crill especially as the firm has grown and expanded,' said director of Collas Crill IP David Evans.

'Our recent merger with CARD to create the only law firm with offices in Singapore, the Cayman Islands, London, Guernsey and Jersey highlighted the importance of the colour pink to our brand. As specialists in intellectual property, we advise clients from around the world on the importance of trade marks as an asset and how ensuring those assets are managed efficiently is key to business success.

'We want Collas Crill to lead by example which is why we taken this a step further and registered the colour as well. Being the first to register a colour trade mark with Guernsey Registry demonstrates our understanding of the importance of all aspects of a company's brand.'

Mr Evans added that a colour can often be more of an association with a company than its actual logo.

'Successful global brands use colour in their logos to distinguish themselves from their competitors but we have yet to see the importance of that being recognised here in Guernsey. We recently had a client send us a photo of the pink socks he was wearing with the comment that he was having a Collas Crill day. When clients or customers associate a colour with who you are then you know it needs protecting.'



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