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Electronic signatures and taking company decisions virtually

We are increasingly receiving queries from clients in all of our offshore jurisdictions asking for practical guidance and advice on (i) how entities may take decisions and hold board and shareholder meetings via telecommunications or video conference, and (ii) what requirements a company needs to meet in order to be able to use electronic signatures for documents, as opposed to the traditional 'wet-ink' signature.

General Q&A

We have put together a cross-jurisdictional Q&A factsheet containing high level overviews of the law to respond to some of the queries which we are receiving. Click here to download the factsheet.

Specific advice

The answers to the Q&A only provide a generic guide to some of the legal provisions which will be relevant. Specific practical matters relating to your business and the documents concerned will also need to be considered (for example, what type of electronic signature will be suitable or whether there are any provisions of your constitutional documents which may impact on the general position).

How Collas Crill can help you

Collas Crill prides itself on being easy to do business with. We take a hands-on approach and are here to help you and your business. We can undertake, for example, a review of your governance arrangements and document requirements and provide you with tailored specific advice relating to virtual meetings and electronic signature requirements.

Please feel free to reach out to any of the contacts listed in this briefing or any of your usual Collas Crill contacts. 



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