Guernsey Immunity Certificate fee rises

The cost of processing an application for an Immunity Certificate will rise from £50.00 to £70.00 on 1 May 2016. 

The certificate, when issued by the States of Guernsey Environment Department, grants immunity from enforcement action by the department in respect of breaches of planning regulations which have occurred prior to the new purchaser becoming the owner of the property.

Collas Crill Conveyancing Manager Joe Le Cheminant explains the change:  

“Whilst a rise in fees is never welcome, this is the first increase since the introduction of Immunity Certificates seven years ago in 2009 so purchasers shouldn’t be worried that this will happen too often. Fees relating to house purchases have risen across the board so the Immunity Certificate costs are just keeping up with everything else.”

Although it is not a legal requirement to obtain the certificate, all lending banks insist that anyone borrowing from them to purchase does so.

The application is made at an early stage, prior to any contract becoming binding, by the purchaser's Advocates and currently takes approximately 10 working days for the Environment Department to process. 

To find out about the implications for you or to speak to a member of the team please click here



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