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Policing problematic parking - Terres à L'Amende in Guernsey

An aspect of property law that is unique to Guernsey, Terre A L'Amende refers to an area of land which has been designated as 'Les Terres Mises à L'Amende' (literally meaning 'penalty land') pursuant to an order of Guernsey's Royal Court.

This designation allows a landowner to enforce a set fine (presently £50.00) against those who trespass (i.e. park a vehicle) on the protected land without permission.

In this guide we provide you with a step-by-step on:

  • The benefits of a Terres à L'Amende
  • How to put this piece of protection in place
  • The ongoing considerations

Click here to read our guide.

Collas Crill are well-versed in the procedures surrounding Terres à L'Amende, if you wish to make an application for a new order, an extension to an existing one, or simply require some advice as to your position, please get in contact with the team.



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