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Sex discrimination consultation

Today, the Committee for Employment and Social Security has launched a consultation in relation to the Sexual Discrimination Ordinance.

At present, Guernsey has only one piece of discrimination legislation – the Sex Discrimination (Employment) (Guernsey) Ordinance, 2005. Discrimination on the grounds of sex, gender reassignment or being married are the only forms of discrimination addressed by the Ordinance. On 5 June 2018 the States of Guernsey agreed to look at a multi-ground discrimination legislation. As part of this process, the Committee is looking at repealing this Ordinance and incorporating the relevant aspects into the proposed legislation.

To assist with this process, the Committee is seeking feedback from employees who have witnessed or experienced sex discrimination, employers, HR professionals and lawyers who are familiar with this Ordinance.

We encourage anyone who fits within the criteria and is willing to participate to do so.

The consultation is available at



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