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Employment, Pensions and Immigration

Employment issues are often sensitive, complex and unique to a given situation.  This means that it's important for employers, directors and senior executives to be equipped to overcome any potential pitfalls and understand the implications of their actions.

From recruitment and retention of key people, resolving disputes and potentially litigious issues, ensuring compliance and managing change, employment matters are at the core of every business.

We understand that the effective and efficient management of employment matters is not only an important risk management tool, but can add value to your business in the long term. We also understand that today's employment environment is more litigious than ever, so our approach is to resolve conflicts in the most practical and sensitive manner – always with the client's needs at the forefront.

Whether our clients are businesses looking for strategic employment advice, directors or key executives seeking advice on more individual issues, we have significant experience in all forms of contentious and non-contentious advisory employment work. We can also provide training to businesses to help them understand and comply with their legal obligations. 

We have an experienced team of lawyers supported by a strong litigation practice. Our employment law team also work alongside our trusts, funds and corporate practices to support employment issues arising from regulatory investigations, trust company mergers and corporate activity.

Employment, Pensions and Immigration services

We advise on all employment issues including employment contracts, policies and procedures, restrictive covenants, changing terms of employment, disciplinary and grievance issues, poor performance, ill health, discrimination, investigations, dismissals, employment tribunal litigation, compromise agreements and employment aspects of restructurings and acquisitions.


We advise internationally based companies and trustees on the establishment and operation of employee incentive schemes, addressing issues such as the funding and structuring of awards as between sponsoring employer and trustee, treatment of dividend entitlements for share awards and the formulation of the beneficial class of EBTs having regard to international legal and taxation requirements.

Data Protection

We advise on data protection matters relating to employment including employee privacy notices, transfer of employee data and subject access requests.


We can assist you or your company with all forms of certificates and permits and out of scope applications, specifically: Short, medium and Long term Employment Permits Out of scope applications Permanent Residence Certificate Residence Permits


Whether you are needing a tier 2 company sponsored visa or are looking to start your business in Guernsey with an entrepreneurial visa, we can assist with the following: Indefinite leave to remain Tier 2 Visa Entrepreneur Visa British Citizenship

Insight 21 Feb 2022

Guernsey's new discrimination law

Guernsey's new discrimination legislation looks set to impact many different areas of our lives.  Collas Crill's discrimination law expert Danielle Brouard has summarised...

Insight 7 Feb 2022

Mandatory vaccination

As far as we are aware, this is the first Employment Tribunal judgment which considers the issue of mandatory vaccination. We consider the implications of this judgment for...

Insight 27 Jan 2022

Guernsey's new discrimination law

Guernsey's new discrimination law is due to come into force later this year. The first phase of the legislation will provide legal protection against discrimination on...

Insight 18 Jan 2022

MSG £1.5m fine

In September 2021, the Guernsey Competition and Regulatory Authority (GCRA) found that the Medical Specialist Group LLP (MSG) had breached Guernsey's competition law by...

Insight 14 Jan 2022

Remote working – ten top tips

As we enter the third year of the coronavirus pandemic, many employees have found themselves working from home once again. For some, this will be a short-term measure while...

News 6 Jan 2022

New employment lawyer

Collas Crill has appointed Of Counsel Danielle Brouard to head up and develop Collas Crill's employment law practice on island, working closely with both the firm's...

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Guide 14 Mar 2022

Changing terms of employment

What happens if, as an employer, you want to make changes to your employees' terms and conditions of employment? We highlight some key questions you need to...

Guide 16 Aug 2017

Managing Attendance

Everyone has had that employee at some point who is repeatedly sick on a Monday…or a Friday. Or just happens to take very long lunches. Have a look at our guide for some...

Guide 16 Aug 2017

Handling Discipline

What do you do when an employee really oversteps the mark? Or is repeatedly insubordinate? Check out our handy guide to see what your options are.

Guide 16 Aug 2017

Difficult Conversations

Nobody likes to have the hard conversations. Explaining to someone that they are not meeting standards, or something as simple as they need to wear appropriate attire to...

Guide 26 May 2017

Employers: pensions and employee benefit schemes in Guernsey

Both employers and trustees have a duty to ensure that any pension or employee benefit scheme (set up by them for their employees or administered by them, as the case may...

Guide 22 May 2017

Guernsey's Population Management Regime

It's all change at the States of Guernsey with the Housing (Control of Occupation) (Guernsey) Law, 1994 being replaced by the Population Management (Guernsey) Law, 2016 and...

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