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Relocation Services

Our team is ideally placed to advise on and project manage relocations to Guernsey, Jersey or the Cayman Islands, advising on everything from company migrations, housing licenses and real estate matters through to introductions to other service providers and complementary local businesses. Some of our people have first-hand experience of relocating themselves, affording them a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities you are likely to face.

Relocation Services services
Business Relocation

For businesses, a relocation to the Channel Islands can bring significant advantages – Guernsey and Jersey's world leading financial services regulation and company laws are modern, business friendly and practical; a huge benefit for businesses in that sector. An added benefit of our financial services background for all businesses is the depth of highly skilled service providers on-island ready to assist your business. Guernsey and Jersey is ready to roll-out the welcome mat to new businesses and we're ideally placed to make introductions to the right people.

Property Relocation

When considering moving to the island, it's essential to seek advice from experienced advisers who know the market inside out. Our property teams regularly help newcomers to the islands in acquiring new homes and/or premises for new business and guide them through the relocation process. We believe that communication and responsiveness are the key to a stress-free experience which is why we're always on hand to listen, offer assistance and pick up the phone to keep you informed at every stage of your move. We act for many HNWIs and HVRs and are consistently praised by clients for their calm, proactive and hands-on approach, ensuring all transactions are completed as swiftly and stress-free as possible.

Trusts & Foundations

The most common mistake that clients make when relocating is failing to take estate planning and tax advice well in advance of any move. There can be significant estate planning opportunities to be had and tax consequences to mitigate prior to any move and seeking advice early is key so that all existing wills, trusts, foundations and companies can be reviewed and any consolidation or new structuring put in place in good time. As well as being a beautiful, safe and peaceful places to live and work, Guernsey and Jersey have flexible trust and foundations legislation and are highly regulated jurisdictions with a well-established court system which makes it a popular choice for relocating clients.

Wills & Estate Planning

Planning for the future is something that people often don't like to think about but it is one of the most important things that you should do during your lifetime. Whether you need simple wills put in place or more complex estate structuring, our experienced and approachable team can help you organise and plan your affairs for the immediate and longer term future. We work hard to guide you through any issues of concern to ensure that you reach a position where you feel reassured that you are clear as to what will happen to your assets, and those you leave behind, in the future.

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