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Catia Barros

Catia Barros 

Legal Assistant | Jersey

Dispute Resolution



Catia is a Legal Assistant in the Dispute Resolution team in Jersey.


Catia has experience in a number of different areas of law such as family law and property Law.


Before joining Collas Crill in 2023, Catia previously worked as a Legal Assistant in a small local law firm for two years.

Catia graduated from the University of London via the Institute of Law in 2021 with a LLB Law (Hons) Degree.

My services
Dispute Resolution

When your business is involved in any kind of legal dispute it's crucial to work with lawyers who are hands-on, cost-effective and flexible enough to respond quickly and intuitively to your unique situation and needs. We know that there are many different ways a dispute can be resolved and work closely with our clients to understand every aspect of their business, priorities and goals. This allows us to find the best way forward for our clients and to advise on the commercial implications of a dispute, ensuring the process remains as stress-free as possible. Our approach is practical, responsive and tailored to the client's interests. Our expertise and reputation means we're first choice for a range of clients, including banks, trust companies, high net worth individuals and top law firms.