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Arcadius Gregory

Arcadius Gregory 

Associate* | Jersey

International Private Client and Trusts



Arcadius has a broad practice covering private wealth and trust matters. This includes advising on all aspects of inheritance and succession planning, and preparing all types of fully bespoke wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and trust instruments. Arcadius’s private client practice includes acting on behalf of, and advising, executors and trustees (both professional and individual) and beneficiaries. 

"At a time when many are opting for standardised solutions to private wealth matters, I believe in personal relationships and bespoke offering, powered by jargon-free, clear and precise advice."


With more than ten years of private practice experience, Arcadius counts a number of highly successful individuals, entrepreneurs, landowners, farmers and lottery winners among his clients. He is well regarded for his strategic approach to inheritance planning for high-net-worth individuals and their families. 

He has handled matters involving:

  • imaginative use of trusts to preserve wealth for children from previous relationships as well as current partners and future generations focusing also on smooth transition of assets;
  • advising on, and implementing solutions to potential double taxation issues;
  • advising professional and lay attorneys on, and implementing efficient management of donor’s wealth;
  • acting for professional and lay executors in the administration of estates with contentious, commercial, agricultural and multi-jurisdictional elements;
  • varying dispositions under a will after testator’s death and including certain types of gifts to preserve tax exemptions that would otherwise have been lost and achieving significant tax savings;
  • advising on whether to invoke or dispense with trusts in wills based on individual circumstances, needs and plans for the future;
  • advising on a non-standard will, including advice on favourable tax treatment of various types of trusts, creating a more tax-efficient trust through post-death variation and coincidently addressing the issue of insufficient number of trustees; and
  • creating trusts to safeguard personal injury compensation. 


Prior to relocating to Jersey and joining Collas Crill, Arcadius worked for Trethowans LLP, a regional Tier 1 and a UK Top 150 law firm on the south coast of England. After completing his LLB (Hons) 1st Class Law Degree, he obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice with distinction, before training with Trethowans LLP and being admitted as a solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales in 2017. Arcadius is recognised as a key lawyer in Legal 500.


  • Affiliate member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners
  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists 

*Admitted in England and Wales

Business Assistant
Leanne  Le Quesne  
My services
Changes of Trustee/DORAs

Changes of trustee documents (DORA or IORAs) usually contain indemnities from the incoming trustee to the outgoing trustee which are often hotly negotiated and can be complex. A change of trustee also presents a good opportunity for the incoming trustee to undertake a due diligence exercise by reviewing the trust documents, ensuring that the previous chain of trusteeship is intact and ensuring that the outgoing trustee ratifies or rectifies any flaws in the trust or the trust documents before the trusteeship is handed over. We have considerable experience in narrowing the issues in these negotiations. We are also well versed in assisting our trustee clients in mitigating risk by spotting (sometimes very significant flaws) in trusts before they are taken on and by ratifying previous discrepancies in a commercial manner – commonly without necessitating the involvement of the court.

Contentious Trusts

We represent trust corporations, HNWIs, individual trustees and beneficiaries, often dealing with novel points of law and creating new and innovative solutions to fit the needs of our clients. Given the international scope of settlors, investments and assets, we often co-ordinate advice from our multi-jurisdictional teams, meaning that our clients benefit from the knowledge and depth of experience of our people around the globe.

Contentious Wills, Estates & Probate

We provide fast, cost-effective and sensitive advice on all manner of will related disputes during what is often an extremely upsetting and distressing time for those concerned. We regularly act on multi-party actions for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Guardianship, Delegates & Power of Attorney

Depending upon your jurisdiction, guardianship, delegates and powers of attorney are useful tools in helping a party to deal with the financial affairs of another, whether that is paying bills, managing bank accounts or otherwise. If you need assistance dealing with your own affairs then a power of attorney may be appropriate. This will enable you to choose who can carry out any actions, and the extent to which they can take those decisions, on your behalf. If, however, it sadly becomes the case that an individual cannot handle their own affairs any longer then a guardian or delegate will be need to be appointed by the court to look after that individual's affairs. Whether you are choosing to give someone power to deal with your affairs, or you have a relative who can't deal with their own any longer, careful consideration needs to be given, and advice sought, to decide what route is most appropriate.

Private Client

As global legislation, regulation and taxation constantly change and become more complex, it has never been more important to make long-term plans to secure your future, the future of your family or your business. We cut through the legal jargon to provide clear, practical advice when you most need it and anticipate the challenges you are likely to face so that you can rest assured you and your family are in safe hands at every step of the way.

Probate & Estate Administration

When executors, family or friends of a deceased need to get access to assets held by their loved one, they may be asked to produce a document commonly referred to as a 'grant of probate'. A grant of probate means that an individual is given the right, by the relevant court, to deal with a deceased's estate. The deceased may have left a will or may have died intestate (without a will). It might be the case that probate has already been obtained in another jurisdiction and that a separate grant of probate needs to be obtained in Guernsey or Jersey. This can be an unfamiliar and stressful process. At Collas Crill we have many years' experience in making these types of applications. We are able to assist in simply obtaining the grant of probate, can arrange release and payment of the Channel Island assets to the relevant person, or deal with the full administration of an estate depending on your requirements.

Trustee Duties

The duties of a trustee plays in managing the trust assets and dealing with beneficiaries not only vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but are dictated by trust agreement and its nuances, the type of trust and its specific purpose. Advising on trustee duties is a rapidly growing area given the increasingly complex legal and regulatory framework to which trustees must adhere. Importantly, trustees are becoming increasingly aware of the advantages of acting early and seeking advice on their duties – particularly in situations of potential conflict or stress. Trustees are also making more use of the courts in asking for directions or in having "momentous decisions" blessed.

Trusts & Fiduciary

We work closely with trust and fiduciary businesses and their clients to build strong relationships based on trust, confidence and a deep understanding of their priorities and needs. We have an extensive range of experience in terms of particular products or service lines, including pensions and Shariah, and many of the team have worked in the other international off and onshore jurisdictions prominent in the world of wealth management. We have associated skills in dispute resolution, risk and regulatory, and image protection. We ensure that thought has been given to the composition of the team on every piece of work we do, and use our mix of skill and experience effectively.

Wills & Estate Planning

Planning for the future is something that people often don't like to think about however it is one of the most important things that you should do during your lifetime. Whether you need simple Wills put in place or more complex estate structuring, our experienced and approachable team can help you organise and plan your affairs for the immediate and longer term future. We work hard to guide you through any issues of concern to ensure that you reach a position where you feel reassured that you are clear as to what will happen to your assets, and the ones you leave behind, in the future.

Wills, Probate & Estate Planning

Managing wealth, asset preservation, planning for succession and inheritance, and writing wills can be a complex and difficult experience. It's important to ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes and your family and successors lifestyles are maintained. We have experts in a number of jurisdictions to assist with wills, succession planning, inheritance matters and probate.

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