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Joanne  Seal

Joanne Seal (TEP)

Group Partner | Guernsey

  • Demonstrates excellent technical knowledge and applies it in a pragmatic way while communicating complex issues clearly
    Legal 500
  • Joanne Seal has excellent technical knowledge whilst being approachable and diplomatic.
    Legal 500

Joanne is a Group Partner in the International Private Client & Trusts practice. She heads the Wills & Estates and private client services in Guernsey and is a qualified TEP (Society of Trusts and Estates Practitioners).

She specialises in estate planning and advising on issues relating to inheritance.

In addition to frequently drafting complex Wills for both local and non-resident individuals, often incorporating extensive will trusts, Joanne also deals with all aspects of estate administration from advising on Guernsey's probate procedures, dealing with intestacies (where someone has died without a will) and obtaining Guernsey grants of probate and representation.

Joanne also has a wide range of experience in private client matters including assisting in the recognition of foreign powers of attorney and guardianships and advising upon associated property issues.


My services
Contentious Wills, Estates & Probate

We provide fast, cost-effective and sensitive advice on all manner of will related disputes during what is often an extremely upsetting and distressing time for those concerned. We regularly act on multi-party actions for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Middle East Group

The demand for professional advisers who understand the needs of clients in the region has never been more important. With shariah-compliant products and Islamic finance becoming increasingly mainstream and integrated into the global financial system, it is important to partner with a team who understands the complexities of these structures, while also understanding how more traditional structures can be applied to meet the needs of Middle Eastern clients.

Private Client

As global legislation, regulation and taxation constantly change and become more complex, it has never been more important to make long-term plans to secure your future, the future of your family or your business. We cut through the legal jargon to provide clear, practical advice when you most need it and anticipate the challenges you are likely to face so that you can rest assured you and your family are in safe hands at every step of the way.

Probate & Estate Administration

When executors, family or friends of a deceased need to get access to assets held by their loved one, they may be asked to produce a document commonly referred to as a 'grant of probate'. A grant of probate means that an individual is given the right, by the relevant court, to deal with a deceased's estate. The deceased may have left a will or may have died intestate (without a will). It might be the case that probate has already been obtained in another jurisdiction and that a separate grant of probate needs to be obtained in Guernsey or Jersey. This can be an unfamiliar and stressful process. At Collas Crill we have many years' experience in making these types of applications. We are able to assist in simply obtaining the grant of probate, can arrange release and payment of the Channel Island assets to the relevant person, or deal with the full administration of an estate depending on your requirements.

Wills & Estate Planning

Planning for the future is something that people often don't like to think about however it is one of the most important things that you should do during your lifetime. Whether you need simple Wills put in place or more complex estate structuring, our experienced and approachable team can help you organise and plan your affairs for the immediate and longer term future. We work hard to guide you through any issues of concern to ensure that you reach a position where you feel reassured that you are clear as to what will happen to your assets, and the ones you leave behind, in the future.

Wills, Probate & Estate Planning

Managing wealth, asset preservation, planning for succession and inheritance, and writing wills can be a complex and difficult experience. It's important to ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes and your family and successors lifestyles are maintained. We have experts in a number of jurisdictions to assist with wills, succession planning, inheritance matters and probate.

Insight 9 Jun 2021

Contentious probate case summary

Claim In the case of Mundil-Williams v Williams [2021] John Williams was a divorced Welsh farmer with four sons. In 2014, he executed a Will (2014 Will). The 2014 Will left...

Insight 17 May 2021

The pitfalls of the homemade will

In order to be valid, a will must be properly executed. In Guernsey, as in England and Wales, this means that the signature is made or acknowledged by the testator in the...

News 22 Apr 2021

The Ecclesiastical Court

In our update of June 2020, we confirmed that in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, the States of Deliberation had approved the then Policy & Resources Committee's proposal to...

Insight 18 Feb 2021

Wills in a COVID-19 world

An increasing number of people have sought to make Wills during the COVID-19 pandemic. Given restrictions on social interaction and physical distancing, especially for those...

News 16 Jul 2020

International Succession Laws 2020

Collas Crill has provided the Guernsey chapter of International Succession Laws 2020. The International Succession Laws guide includes information dealing with fixed rights...

News 12 Jun 2020

The Ecclesiastical Court

In the Bailiwick of Guernsey, the Ecclesiastical Court has overseen the proving of Wills and issuing of letters of administration - known collectively as "Grants of...

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Guide 19 Apr 2017

The Road to Freedom

A review of landmark decision of Illot (Respondent) v The Blue Cross and others (Appellands) [2017] UKSC 17 As many people are aware, on 2 April 2012 Guernsey saw a...


Why a Will is Vital Under Guernsey's Inheritance Laws

Under Guernsey’s previous laws of inheritance, individuals were not able to leave their assets exactly as they wished, in certain circumstances, due to various complicated...

Guide 8 Jul 2015

Leaving a Legacy to Charity

Fundraising is always a challenge for charities but as many of us are tightening our purse strings, good causes are now feeling the pinch even more.  Why are legacies...

Guide 19 Oct 2015

Guardianship vs Power of Attorney

It can be a stressful time when a loved one or family member becomes unable to manage their own affairs. However, it is important that if that time arises, appropriate steps...

Guide 19 Oct 2015

Probate in Guernsey

“Probate” is a term commonly used as a generalisation for what ought more properly to be called a “Grant of Representation”. Such a Grant authorises a person to administer...

Guide 19 Oct 2015

Wills in Guernsey

People often put off making a Will or are slow to amend their Will as circumstances change. The risk they run is that, on their death, their estate is not disposed of in the...

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