Guernsey Immunity Certificate fee increase

Applying for an Immunity Certificate from the States of Guernsey Development & Planning Authority (DPA) is due to become more costly.

The application fee (currently £70) will increase to £250 with effect from 27 March 2023.

When issued, an Immunity Certificate grants a prospective purchaser of a property immunity from enforcement action being taken against them by the DPA in respect of a breach of planning regulations which occurred prior to them becoming the owner of the property.

The application is ordinarily made in the initial stages of a purchase (prior to any contract becoming binding), and takes approximately 10 working days to process, although this timeframe may vary.

Whilst there isn’t a legal requirement to obtain an Immunity Certificate when purchasing a property, most lending banks will insist that one is obtained by a purchaser.

The fee last increased in 2016 from £50 to the current £70.

For further information, please get in contact with a member of the team.

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